With the spread of the new type of pneumonia, shandong qishan group quickly implemented the latest instructions of the CPC central committee on the prevention and control of pneumonia by novel coronavirus, studied and deployed the systematic prevention and control of the epidemic, and helped to win the prevention and control of the epidemic.On the third day of the year, the company's chairman zhang wushui called an emergency shareholder meeting.The meeting was presided over by the chairman zhang wushui, executive directors gao peifu, gao jixing, zhao yemin, luo xueshui, zhang shizheng and shareholder hong zhaolei attended the meeting, the meeting decided: in order to actively support and cooperate with the local government in wuhan to prevent and control the epidemic, the company donated the first 100,000 yuan, to help wuhan to fight the epidemic.


Zhang said, "shandong qibin group donated 100,000 yuan to fight against the pneumonia epidemic with first-line medical staff and people in wuhan through its own modest efforts, so as to practice the" qibin campaign "and make the" qibin campaign "a reality.We also believe that under the leadership of the party and the government, the whole nation with one heart and one mind will surely win the epidemic prevention and control war!"



The epidemic situation is the command, the prevention and control is the responsibility company fully recognized the current situation of the epidemic prevention and control of the severe situation, led by the board of shareholders to quickly set up the epidemic prevention and control work leading group, launched the new outbreak prevention and control measures.Linkage up and down, the first time to formulate emergency plans, timely transmission of accurate information of the outbreak to the staff, guide the atmosphere of not spreading rumors, not spreading rumors.

Shandong seven group over the years has been committed to philanthropy, adhering to the "public welfare with seven" of the enterprise mission, we also will continue to focus on the disease development, and do our best to, to fight COVID - 19 outbreak contribution strength, at the same time also sincerely recommend: as far as possible not to go anywhere there are a lot of people, go out must wear a face mask, body appeared status report for medical treatment in a timely manner.Such a state of mind is the guarantee of happiness and well-being!

Time : 2020-10-13
The first batch of shandong qishun group donated 100,000 yuan to help wuhan fight the epidemic!
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