On the morning of June 22, 2020, Shandong Qiyun Group Co., Ltd. held a grand ceremony of "Establishment and opening of Qilu Institute of Technology intelligent Hydraulic Equipment Research Institute of Shandong 7yun Group".

          Mr. Wang Changjun, deputy Secretary of the Party organization of Jiyang District Government, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jibei Economic Development Zone and director of the Administrative Committee;Liu Yongjun, leader of jiyang First Team of high-quality development service team of private enterprises;Mr. Dong Feng, Director of Science and Technology Bureau of Jiyang District;Jiyang Industry and Information Technology Bureau director Luo Sharecropper;Jiyang District Industry and Information Technology Bureau deputy Director Liu Jianping comrade;Comrade Zhang Duanlu and Comrade Zhang Bin from The First Team of Jiyang High-quality Development Service Team of private enterprises.Professor Huang Mingjian, Dean of Mechanical and Electrical College of Qilu Institute of Technology;Professor Liu Enchao, Director of Scientific Research;Professor Li Xiangbao, Vice President of The College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering;Professor Wu Jialiang of Mechanical and Electrical College;Zhang Wushui, chairman and general manager of Shandong Qyun Group;Executive directors Gao Peifu, Gao Jixing, Zhao Yemin and Zhang Shizheng attended the opening ceremony.







Time : 2020-10-13
Shandong Qiyun Group -- Qilu Institute of Technology Intelligent Hydraulic Equipment Research Institute
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