After five years of wind and rain, the party for welcoming the New Year in 2020 and the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the founding of shandong qian group was held on December 31, 2019. Nearly 400 family members, including the chairman of shandong qian group, zhang wushui, the company's executive director, the company's dealers and the group, gathered together to share their happiness.

Zhang dong in the speech from the "world", "rivers and lakes", "seven transport", "distance" four paragraphs Shared the past and future of shandong seven transport group.

The first length -- about the world.Internationally, the trade war between China and the United States has affected the whole world, and since 2018, the global economy has started to go down.On the domestic side, development is also affected by environmental constraints.In terms of the capital market, the stock market did not rise in the past ten years, and the driving force of investment was significantly reduced. In the past two years, the government regulated the real estate market, resulting in an obvious slump and decline in the real estate market.China's economy is undergoing a profound structural adjustment and rebalancing.This imbalance cannot be completed last year, this year or even next year.The dividends of China's great development are no longer valid, but are replaced by new ones.Through this new dividend, we should be full of hope for China's economic future.We want to see the light in the dark, in the winter can still smell the smell of spring.

The second - about the lake.We do lifting work platform, the industry is our lake.Lift platform market in China is very big, with the development of China's reform and opening up, especially in recent 10 years China's infrastructure projects developing and construction, animating the whole elevator of aerial work platform equipment such as the overall development, can say is a golden age in the development of our industry over the years, throughout the period, the elevator industry of our country developing rapidly, but is also a period of good and evil people mixed up and imbalance.From the technical point of view, the product types of China's high-altitude operation platform are basically in line with the international market.From the brand popularity point of view, Chinese enterprises can not be compared with international famous brands.Although in recent years domestic brands have exported to a large number of the world, but in the international market is still general products, even low-end products attitude to obtain orders.In short, compared with international famous brands, domestic products in the technical level, user trust there is still a lot of room for improvement.

At present, the high-altitude platform industry is still in the growth stage in China, with huge development space and broad prospect.However, in the current economic situation of the industry development problems and challenges can not be ignored, it can be said that the river's lake is still a big river's lake, only the joint efforts of many people, can promote the healthy development of our entire industry.

The third chapter is about the seven sports.From December 31, 2014 to today, qiyun group has been five years, has gradually formed its own r & d design, production and processing, wholesale and retail and export trade as one of the professional industrial groups.An enterprise must have brand, product, efficiency, scale four elements will be competitive.We have more products from qishun group, but it is still very clear.The old factory manual mobile type and the new factory aluminum alloy type, as the most common product quality and low price, in for us to attract a lot of capital flow at the same time, but also for a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises to bring convenience.After 17, 18 years of exploration, this year also with a very mature new look to serve all walks of life, increased sales.The next step is the investment in high-end products. In 2020, we will launch the straight-arm high-altitude operation platform, and continue to increase the r&d and investment in high-end products.

As a company, as a business organization, the brand is important, but there are many important things besides the brand. I want to share and drive the unified value of business logic with our stakeholders: it is customer-centric.Only the customer love us, behind is the good staff, staff good, shareholders can benefit.Therefore, we should be the creator of value. The starting point of value creation is customers and employees.

Fourth, about the distance.2019 is an extraordinary year.For qi yun, and even for the whole of China, it is full of changes.Among so many changes, we are firm that we should respond to all changes with the same, that is, we should respond to all changes with our values, with our cultural adherence. If our values are deviated and the world is changing, we will all become worse and worse.

In 2020, we will still respond to opportunism with long-termism. We will not be the rose of beauty, but the rice and wheat of spring and autumn.We will still create value with a down-to-earth attitude, to provide you with a variety of products and services.Customer satisfaction, the good staff is always our unremitting pursuit!We will always achieve good, like-minded, true, good and beautiful, to deal with vulgar, deceptive, selfish and greedy.Although the world is changing, the future is always changing, but the seventh games with our values, with our culture, with our stability, to face such changes and challenges.We will always take the "brand seven shipping cooperation seven shipping service seven shipping public welfare seven shipping" as the target, to build everyone's seven shipping, China's seven shipping, the world's seven shipping!

The future is full of challenges. Whether it is the difficult yesterday or the promising tomorrow, the world, especially those who want to be great companies and great people, will always face challenges. It cannot be an easy life and a constant environment.In the face of these, our answer is: meet new challenges, climb new heights!

Please believe that the flowers in the world will bloom, beautiful things, will also be one after another!

Finally, once again, I wish you a happy and healthy New Year!Seize the day, live up to the years!

  This annual meeting coincides with the 5th anniversary of the establishment of qishan transportation group. The company launched the 5th anniversary gratitude and feedback activity through this annual meeting. Executive director general zhao explained the details of the activity for us.

 Drive brilliant, a journey of a thousand miles begins today;Grand exhibition, thousands of miles sail again, the annual celebration, the chairman of the board zhang wushui lit the "dream" of the candle, the board of directors of shandong qiyun group all leaders to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the seventh anniversary of the birthday, make a good wish!

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annually outstanding staff

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Time : 2020-10-13
"Five years of wind and rain ingenuity to build a dream" shandong qian group was founded in the fifth anniversary of the annual meeting ceremony successfully concluded
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