Articulating Boom Lift

Keyword:Articulating boom lift/Boom lift/Articulating lift/Hydraulic boom lift

Lifting Height:8m/10m/12m/14m

Working Height:10m/12m/14m/16m/18m/20m/22m

Load Capacity:200kg

Product Use:Architecture/Aerial work/Municipal construction etc


Package:Wooden Case

Delivery Date:5-30 Days

Quality Guarantee:12 Months

Transportation:Sea/ Rail/ Land/ Air/ International Express

Advantage:Factory Outlet. Quality, After-Sales And Service Are Guaranteed.

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    Maximum Working height16m14m
    Maximum platform height14m12m
    Maximum horizontal extension7.6m6.8m
    Maximum span height7.8m6.7m
    Turntable rotation365°365°
    Platform rotation160°160°
    Load Capacity230kg230kg
    Permissible carrying capacity22
    Climbing ability40%(2WD)40%(2WD)
    Inner turning radius1.15m1.15m
    Outer turning radius3.51m3.51m
    Maximum traveling speed (retracted)5.2km/h5.2km/h
    Maximum travel speed (lift state)0.8km/h0.8km/h
    Maximum allowable ground inclination during operation
    Vehicle Length (Collection Status)5.9m5.9m
    Width of vehicle (Collection status)1.74m1.74m
    Vehicle Height (Collection)2.0m2.0m
    Platform dimension (length × width × height)1.45m×0.85m×1.1m1.45m×0.85m×1.1m
    Minimum ground height0.22m0.22m
    Wheel Base1.9m1.9m
    PowerBattery (lead-acid battery)Battery (lead-acid battery)
    drive formMotor driveMotor drive
    Hydraulic tank volume35L35L
    Power battery specification420Ah,6V×8420Ah,6V×8
    Drive/steering form2WD/2WS2WD/2WS
    Tyre specification/type250x15/solid tyre250x15/pneumatic tyre
    Machine weight7100кг(2WD)7000кг(2WD)

    Product features

    Easy to operate / easy to use / large work surface.

    1.For outdoor work at height.

    2.The lift can be controlled on the top of the platform to lift and walk.

    3.Can cross a certain obstacle or lift in one place, there can be multi-point aerial work.